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Teaching your Patterdale Terrier essential life skills

How can we help?

Here at Lady Patterdale I offer positive, kind, non-force training options.  Specialising in the Patterdale Terrier breed, I understand the characteristics and personalities your little furry friend can display.

From Online Puppy Training to Separation Anxiety Training, we work together to provide your Patterdale Terrier the life skills they need to live a happy and stress free life.

Our Online Puppy Training provides you with all the knowledge, skill and support needed when returning home with your little bundle of fluff.  As your Patterdale matures you may need additional support as life throws changes your way.  Just get in touch, I’m here to help.

Based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex my online training courses travel to wherever you are.

I look forward to meeting you both and having some fun.

Online Puppy Training

Online Puppy Training

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Does your Patterdale hate being left alone?