Hi I’m Jane, the Owner and Trainer here at Lady Patterdale! Up until January 2020 I was known as Officer Bramble!  I was a Police Officer in London and, as you can imagine, I’ve seen and done quite a few things over the last 30 years but I’ve always had a love for animals, dogs in particular.  My life changed forever in November 2013 when a special little dog walked into my life (or did I walk into hers?).  That’s when our adventure began!

When I picked up my Ruby 8 years ago, I didn’t really know much about Patterdales. I had trained other dogs but didn’t really know about the characteristics and needs of this special breed. Ruby and I met a couple of dog trainers, but no one could help with her reactiveness and barking towards other dogs.  I decided to train specifically in the characteristics and behaviours of Patterdales myself to help Ruby but also to share my knowledge and experience with other lovely little Patterdales and their owners.

At the start of 2020, I retired from the Police and began my career as a dog trainer, specialising in Patterdales and teaching kind positive methods of training. I have gained nationally recognised qualifications from the IMDT and am still studying with them to gain as many skills and knowledge as possible. I have also trained rescue dogs and I regularly help out rescuing dogs from other countries.

I’m so happy to say that my Ruby is now much calmer and happier with other dogs and our walks have gone from stressful to calm and so much more enjoyable.

Our mission here at Lady Patterdale is to help you build a strong trust and bond with your furry friend.  We want you to feel confident together both in the home and out walking enjoying yourselves.

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