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Is your Patterdale afraid of being left alone?

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Being left on their own for a short while can cause separation anxiety for your little friend,  it can be quite scary for them.  Throughout your dog’s life there will be brief times when they need to be left at home on their own.  It could be when you go to work for a few hours or need to go shopping. For a long time, your Patterdale dog has had someone around to have fun with and go on lovely extended walks, but now they need to be left for longer periods of time and get used to their own company. Is your furry family member going to be OK in your absence?

Anxiety affects different dogs in so many different ways with a number of reasons causing it. Here at Lady Patterdale, I am here to help. First of all, I will arrange to have a chat with you to establish your dog’s behaviours, when you leave the house and also when you return. I may ask to see some video footage of your dog’s behaviour or carry out a home visit.  Once I’ve gathered all the information, I’ll put together a bespoke training plan addressing all the areas we have discussed.   The plan may run over a few weeks and will include lots of repetitive practice, positive reinforcement and encouragement for your pooch.

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Helping your Patterdale to be calm

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Being able to leave the house knowing your Patterdale is relaxed and safe is paramount.   I can help by teaching you techniques to relax your dog and feel safe in the home whilst being on their own and knowing you will return.

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Excessive barking while you are gone

Panting, drooling & pacing before you go

Toileting indoors

Scratching or chewing of furniture

Frenzied excited behaviour upon your return

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